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  • MindofAmor
    February 17, 2019 at 10:59 am

    I still have not fully found th words to express my gratitude and appreciation for this organization since ma first time giving berth to our sun (close to this time last year)…

    I reached out to TLC Mamas for a birth assistant who would value ma intuitive nature as a woman preparing for and going through labor, not overstep boundaries, yet provide th perfect amount of feminine support and guidance FROM EXPERIENCE throughout th process. Mama Rivfka came all th way through!!!! So much 13love for this queen for guiding not only maself, but ma consort as well ~as this was also ma consorts first time being present during a pregnancy and birth as well. She kept in touch with me leading up to th berth and provided so much helpful information to both maself and consort… Without someone to switch out with so she could take a breather!! She was there with us every breath of th way during my 17+ hour labor, encouraging and seeing that th situation remained safe and as natural as could be and that I stayed feeling great about how things were going.

    I also touched base with Mama Sophia th day I went into labor and she provided additional support and advice for relaxing, speeding up/slowing down labor, etc.

    Th queens behind th operation are so knowledgeable and bring that ancestral wisdom that is fundamental to building a righteous community. What I love about TLCMamas is that anyone can donate so this organization can continue providing similar services to any mama willing to receive assistance no matter th financial situation.

    At th time, ma consort and I were short on funds and TLC Mamas being donation-based performed these services FOR FREE! I cried when I was told that over th phone. I could still cry thinking about et now.

    Th support calls that occur twice every moon(th) are also a way I enjoy meeting with th minds of other seastars within TLC and sharing questions, tips, and resources on and everything pregnancy, labor, beybee, mama, and dynasty related.

    Willing TLCMamas continue to grow and maintain a strong solid foundation. Willing 13prosperity to ma beloved seastars keeping th fire burning within eth. 13Love

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