We are a small, soulful shop built on the foundations of our heart’s greatest joys: tradition, culture, truth, righteousness and service.. Our focus is to improve the lives of others in the clothing industry by offering garments that are not only modest, comfortable, and rich in tradition, but also hand-made by us with 13Love in every stitch. We truly treasure the value of a handmade garment, and pledge to only offer clothing that is handmade with love either by us or by others who are getting paid fairly and working under ethical conditions.

The primary objective of our business is not to be a money-making machine, but to raise awareness to the truth about the industry and how the majority of clothes are made. The fact of the matter is... the majority of the clothes people of “First-World” countries wear are made from slave/child labor, exploitation, and greed. Modern day slavery still exists behind closed doors that privileged people of the west fail to recognize. Most, if not all, of the big brands in our shopping malls, supermarkets, and name brand corporate stores use slave/child labor to make their products. We seek to bring about the righteous change this world needs, one garment at a time..

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