Murahaba is Royalty in Swahili ??

We are a Kenyan business providing Different forms of Ancestral African Regalia - (Royal Adornment) to our community all over the world. Our offerings are inspired by how our Kokos (grandmas) and Babus (grandpas) lived and ardoned. The Headwrap ? is a Crowning Centrepiece of a Full/Whole body Adornment we Will to Achieve & Provide. We purpose to share our Cultural Ways as we Wrap, Cover, Protect and Shine our Brothers and Seastars??


All our offerings are Handmade in Kenya with Raw materials carefully selected with our community in mind. Our tailors, weavers, craftsmen, fabric vendors, suppliers are Kenyan sole proprietors running small family businesses who will to grow with them ??


Murahaba shares their surplus with a local charity. 15% of Murahaba profits are donated to Africa Sickle Cell. A charitable organization that works to reduce the suffering of the Sickle Cell Community in Kenya and Africa ☀?


We are honoured to be at your service. 13Love??

  • MindofAmor
    February 17, 2019 at 10:25 am

    I was gifted a Murahaba headwrap from a buddhaful cuzzo in south Florida. Et es such a great quality fabric and th print is gorgeous… this is my favorite head wrap to date! I definitely anticipate ordering more in th near future.

    • Murahaba
      February 21, 2019 at 6:34 am

      Thank yah Beloved Queen., We appreciate yah support and really loved hearing from yah ?.,We give Thanks to The cuzzo as well who blissed yah with this gift. Don’t hesitate to reach out incase yah need anything. Give Thanks to Yah ?

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