Face Of Love Botanicals was created to make our everyday beauty rituals an act of love and to strengthen the connection we have with our own natural beauty with raw ingredients from nature herself.

We've studied nature and found the answers to our various skin conditions, the answers to a glowing complextion. The results leave us with a fresh face, a stronger connection to nature and our own essence, and finally allowing our inner glow to shine through clear pores and radiate the love we've cultivated within to reach and inspire others.

With tender loving care we've combined different elements of nature to cleanse your skin, nourish the tissues, and heal the damage. Our cleansers will gently remove the impurities, our herbal steams will invigorate and awaken your senses and skin, our clay masks will reverse the damage done by free radicals and toxins, our serums will restore youth and leave you vibrant. You will fully embody what it means to be the Face of Love.

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